Documentation: Mini Switch Light Kit

      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

      Under construction!  Wand models are under development and will be published soon!


      1. Choose a model to use with your kit:
        • Browse the 3D models above
        • Use associated link to download the ZIP file
        • ZIP files contain STL ready to print and STP files for easy customization
      2. Print your chosen model:
        • Print the STL models or customize the included STP files (recommend Fusion 360)
      3. Assemble your Electronics Kit:
        • Solder components to the PCB (image coming soon!)
          • Note:  Add a dab of solder to the battery pad to ensure a tight connection
          • LED polarity is important and must be installed with flat side (negative) per the image on PCB
      4. Finally, assemble the electronics and printed enclosure.  Try different prints or design your own!
        • Note:  Not all 3D model designs use all parts.  Hardware such as the wood screws and magnet wire may be used in alternative designs and some that have not been released.
        • If you design your own, be sure to share it with the community in our Thingiverse group!

      Parts List:

      Qty Part Name Image
      1 PCB (Mini Switch Light V1)
      1 LED (3 mm White)
      1 Switch
      1 Battery Clip (THM CR1220)
      1 Battery (CR1220)
      3 Wood Screw (#4 x 1/2 in)
      1 Magnet Wire