Reach 3D Printer

Looking Back

Reach 3D Printer kit production reached summer’s end some time ago and is now passing into the dead of winter. The Reach 3D Printer began as a Kickstarter back in March 2015, a time when consumer printers were evolving rapidly and the cost of printers seemed to be rising as Makerbot was bought up and left the open source kit market, a market they had pioneered only a few years prior. A simple low cost open source RAMPS based kit that could print, mill, and laser engrave was the Reach vision and unlike most printer Kickstarters of the era, Reach kits were fully delivered to over 500 awesome backers. Some of those backers are just now finding the time to assemble their kits and so we are keeping the documentation alive here at our new project site. A few Reach kits and sub components may still be hanging out on a shelf in Nate’s garage so if you are feeling like a 5 hour build for old time’s sake, feel free to contact us through Just Add Filament with your request. However, as of this writing (Aug 2020) the Ender 3 is one of the best low cost printers that target what was once the Reach market and it is selling for nearly $200 shipped right now. Thank you Reach backers for all your support!

Original Kickstarter Video

Legacy Reach 3D Printer Support Links


  • Dropbox Folder
    • User Manual
    • Firmware
    • CAD Models
    • STL Printable Parts
  • Youtube Channel
    • Assembly Demonstration
    • Setup Overview
    • Software Tutorials
    • Troubleshooting Tips
    • Milling and Laser Demonstration


  • Facebook Group
    • Replaced Google+ which Google shut down April 2019
  • Google Groups Forum
    • Initially the place to collaborate but Google+ quickly took over
    • Pierre’s BL touch Sensor holder with LED light ring
    • Ashaman’s Reach stability enhancing Feet
    • Benson Chan’s precision Proximity Mount
  • Upgrades and Mods
    • Greg Huber compiled a master list that can still be found here
  • Thingiverse
    • Printer definition is mirrored here with a few mods (e.g. LCD Screen, frame mounts)
    • STL files for printing backup parts
  • Kickstarter
    • Campaign that started it all

Reach Kit Specs:

Original Kit:

  • 200 x 200 x 200 mm aluminum build plate
  • LCD screen / SD card Reader for stand alone printing
  • All Metal Plate construction
  • 4x NEMA 17, stepper motors
  • 3 axis V-slot aluminum and Delrin wheels
  • Inductive Proximity Sensor for Autoleveling
  • Ramps 1.4, Arduino mega, 6A power supply
  • Bowden fed, fan cooled, J head hot end
  • Able to print multiple materials

Upgrade Kit:

  • 15A industrial power supply
  • MK2B heated bed, 100k thermistor, and original aluminum bed

Additional Tools and Features:

  • Laser cutter and CNC Dremel engraver enabled, with very little modification
  • An $80 2.8 watt laser will cut up to 5 mm plywood. 
  • A $25 500 mw laser will only engrave images or cut thin material like paper
  • Kit does NOT include the laser or Dremel Flex tool, but each modification can be purchased and installed for $20-$25
  • Dremel style flex tool can be purchased on Amazon as a “WEN rotary tool with flex shaft”
  • YouTube videos show you how to install, and operate the free software needed to operate the laser and CNC engraver/mill