Joule Thief Flashlight Kit


  • Print your choice of 3 case styles:  Tactical, Standard, or the new Minecraft Torch!
  • Includes Ready to Print STL Files, and STP Files For Easy Customizing
  • Runs On a Single AA Battery (mostly dead)

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A Maker classic, the “Joule Thief” circuit gives your dead AA batteries new life.  This kit will provide you with everything you need to make your own 3D printed flashlight powered by a single AA battery.  Choose from 3 styles (basic, tactical, and Minecraft torch are available).  Download the chosen 3D models, print them on your 3D printer, and assemble.  The provided kit includes a professionally made PCB with through-hole components for easy soldering.  Some beginner level soldering skills are required.  Enjoy!  (now available on Amazon as well)


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