Documentation: Joule Thief Flashlight – BETA

      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


      1. Choose a model to use with your kit:
        • Browse the 3D models above
        • Use associated link to download the ZIP file
        • ZIP files contain STL ready to print and STP files for easy customization
      2. Print your chosen model:
        • Print the STL models or customize the included STP files (recommend Fusion 360)
      3. Assemble your Electronics Kit:
        • Solder components to the PCB (see image below for placement)
          • Note:  Coil has two wires, one must use the pair of holes on each side of the PCB (see graphic on PCB)
          • LED polarity is important and must be installed with flat side (negative) per the image on PCB
          • Transistor polarity must be correct with flat side oriented as shown.
      4. Finally, assemble the electronics and printed case.  Try different cases or design your own!
        • Note:  Not all 3D model designs use all parts.  Hardware such as the wood screw and magnets may be used in alternative designs and some that have not been released.
        • If you design your own, be sure to share it with the community in our Thingiverse group!

      Parts List:

      Qty Part Name Image
      1 PCB (Joule Thief Flashlight Beta V1.1)
      2 LED (5 mm Cool White)
      1 Resistor (1K 1/4 Watt)
      1 Transistor (NPN 2N2222)
      1 Coil Toroid Choke
      1 Switch
      1 Button
      2 Bolt (M3 x 8)
      2 Nut (M3)
      1 AA Battery Holder
      2 Magnet (n50 5 x 3 mm)
      1 Wood Screw (#4 x 1/2 in)
      1 Hex Key (2.5 mm)