We are making 3D Printable project kits.  We provide the hardware and 3D models and you just need to add some filament 🙂  Ok, you also need access to a 3D printer to print the provided models.  Also you will need a soldering iron but this will be no sweat for a soldering noob.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we release new kits and new models for the kits you already have.  Happy printing!  -JAF Team 


  • Tensegrity Table (Jan 2021)
  • Joule Thief Lamp (Feb 2021)
  • Ultrasonic Levitation Device (TBD)
  • Puzzle Boxes 
  • Battle Bots
  • Dancing Robots
  • Mechanized Marble Mazes
  • Color Changing LED Flashlights
  • Mechanical Hands