We are making project kits that allow you to take full advantage of your 3D printer.  Our first product is a flashlight that runs on dead batteries!  The Joule Thief Flashlight Kit includes a custom designed PCB and through hole components for easy soldering.  Also included is a link to download your choice of 3D printable housings in STL format.  Print one or all, in whatever color you like and with whatever filament you prefer.  STP models are included as well so you can easily customize using a CAD program like Fusion 360.  Enjoy the unlimited possibilities that 3D printer ownership offers.  We are in the future folks.  It’s never been a better time to be a Maker!  -JAF Team

Upcoming Kits:

  • Ultrasonic Levitation Device
  • Magic Wands (using LEDs if we can’t figure out magic)
  • Puzzle Boxes
  • Battle Bots
  • Dancing Robots
  • Mechanized Marble Mazes
  • Color Changing LED Flashlights
  • Mechanical Hands